Bias. is an independent local fashion brand based in Jakarta, that specializes in
women's wear which inspired by the urban lifestyle.

    • Owners, Stacia Andani graduated from Limkokwing University while her partner Indy Mantik graduated from NAFA Singapore. The designer first met in Jakarta in 2012, where Staci has already had her own label established and Indy was still working as the Head of Creative Design in one of Indonesia’s leading designer.
    • Both designer share the same ambition, they conveys their passion for fashion into reality.
    • B I A S . aim to create an creative, unique and at the same time effortless style with authentic designs. Some of this values can be seen on the collection from the details such as prints that we develop, use of fabrication and hand crafted fashion accessories such as shoes and bags.
    • They pride themselves on high quality, designs, originality and perfect cutting.
    • Check out their awesome collection by clicking here: Bias.